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Spring Season 2016

Films start at 8pm prompt unless otherwise stated. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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5th January

USA   2015  112 mins
Director: John Crowley
 Saoirse Ronan, Domhnall Gleeson, Emory Cohen, Julie Walters
A feel good movie that won’t make you roll your eyes! Wonderful period drama telling the story of a young Irish immigrant navigating her way through 1950’s Brooklyn. It’s a simple story but expertly directed by John Crowley and adapted (equally well) by Nick Hornby from Colm Toibin’s novel. This is one of the smallest, most intimate and charming of films with an aching suspense that bigger, brasher movies can only dream of. Saoirse won an Oscar nomination in Atonement and we would put money on her being nominated for Best Actress in this one.

Margaret Bryant

12th January

Fidelio, Alice’s Journey 
France  2015  97 mins (subtitles)
Directors: Lucie Borleteau
Starring: Ariane Labed, Melvil PoupaudAnders Danielsen Lie
Alice is an engineer on a cargo ship, holding her own among the otherwise all-male crew. Her sweet Norwegian boyfriend is patiently waiting for her in Marseille, but when the captain of her latest posting turns out to be an old flame, staying true becomes lot more challenging. Lucie Borleteau’s remarkably assured first feature intrigues with its documentary style observation of the daily routines, sudden stresses and eccentric rituals of life on an ocean-going workhorse. Yet it never loses sight of the aching, sensual undertow prompting its protagonist’s sometimes impulsive behaviour. A perceptive exploration of womanhood and infidelity, free of sensationalism or judgement.

Sue Weber


19th January

Mia Madre
Italy 2015  106min   (subtitles)
Director: Nanni Moretti
Starring: Margherita Buy, John Turturro, Giulia Lazzarini
Winner of the 2001 Palme d’Or, The Son’s Room, Moretti this time turns his attention to competing pressures of work and personal loss in this beautifully observed and delicately balanced human drama. Margherita, a film director, struggles to manage the players in her latest film, particularly Barry Huggins (John Turturro) a fading American-Italian film star, who consistently plays the clown but fails to deliver his lines. Things aren’t helped by Margherita’s breakup with her boyfriend, also an actor in her film and the guilt she feels not doing enough for her ailing hospitalised mother. A warm and witty piece that handles complex emotions with assuredness and aplomb.

John Ingledew

2nd February

USA   2015 79mins
Director: Paul Weitz
 Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Marcia Gay Harden
Grandma is a reassuringly fresh film about dependence and conflict between generations. When Sage (Julia Garner) a teenage girl needs help to terminate her unwanted pregnancy she seeks guidance from her brutally honest grandmother (Lily Tomlin). Seeking advice and comfort Sage is taken on a journey through what is morally right and what should never be said. In this truly unique comedy, deep down Tomlin is the grandmother every teenager wants but is too afraid to admit. Can Sage find the incorruptible and maternal direction she needs from her Grandma or is she too much to handle?

Simon Goodman


9th February

France 2014 116 mins (subtitles)
Directors: Olivier Nakache, Eric Toledano
Starring: Omar Sy, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Tahar Rahim
Samba reunites The Untouchables’ acclaimed directing duo, Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano, with award-winning actor Omar Sy in a richly entertaining chronicle of an undocumented kitchen worker battling deportation from his adopted home in Paris. When Samba (Sy) is suddenly ordered to leave France, he enlists the help of Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), an emotionally vulnerable immigration advocate with little experience but plenty of heart. As the immigrant aspiring chef and the burned-out corporate executive tentatively explore an unexpected bond, they inspire each other to reinvent themselves in this vibrant comedy full of tender humour and heartfelt optimism.

Sue Weber


23rd February

Estonia/Georgia   2015     87mins
Director:   Zaza Urushadze
Starring: Lembit Ulfsak,  Elmo Nuganen,  Georgi Nakoshidze
The drama, set in 1992, focuses on two elderly Estonian immigrant farmers who decide to stay in Georgia despite the encroaching war. Their plan is to harvest their tangerine crop but this is put into jeopardy when they take in two wounded men (a Chechen and a Georgian) from opposing sides who vow to kill each other after they have recovered. However, their extended stay has a humanising effect and the two enemies come closer together when they recognise the power of kindness and compassion. Set in a beautiful landscape defiled by war, this poetic film makes an eloquent statement for peace.

Ailsa Cuttell


1st March

X + Y, A Brilliant Young Man
USA   2014   111 mins
Director: Morgan Matthews
 Asa Butterfield, Rafe Spall, Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan
Lovely performances from Rafe Spall, Sally Hawkins and Asa Butterfield drive this drama about an autistic teenager who goes to a maths camp in Taiwan, hoping to be chosen to represent Great Britain at an International Mathematics Olympiad. Timothy Spall is in brilliant form as the sardonic but inspiring maths teacher, Mr Humphreys; Sally Hawkins is at her warm best, hiding the pain of her son’s isolation behind forced smiles and worried eyes and Eddie Marsan is engaging as Team UK’s ultra-competitive leader. The result is rather charming, often funny, occasionally surprising and consistently heartwarming.

Margaret Bryant


8th March

The Second Mother
Brazil   2015   112mins
Director:  Anna Muylaert
Starring:  Regina Case, Helena Albergaria, Michel Joelsas 
Snobbery and social order are cheerfully satirised in this Brazilian comic drama which is ostensibly about a hard-working Sao Paolo housekeeper who loves and brings up the family’s son while her own daughter, Jessica, is raised elsewhere. It touches on motherhood, parenting and class conflict as the meek live-in Val (Regina Case) tries to balance her duties in the home of the affluent family with the needs of her class conscious teenage daughter who is invited to stay – but does not know her place. This effervescent drama delights in upsetting the traditional upstairs/downstairs dynamics

Phillip Taverner


15th March

Two Days, One Night  (15)
Director: The Dardenne Brothers
France    2014   95 minutes  English subtitles
Starring: Marianne Cotillard, Falonzio Rongione

Sandra, a young Belgian mother, returns to work on a Friday after treatment for depression to find that her workmates have opted for a significant pay bonus in exchange for her dismissal. Encouraged by her husband, she persuades her boss to hold  a new and secret ballot on the following Monday. She decides to canvas the others in their homes over the weekend and finds that her visits affect their lives bringing out fears and magnifying personal problems.

This is a powerful and affecting ethical drama whose plot is tense and riveting, concentrating on the interlocking of lives. Cotillard, in her best performance since in La Vie en Rose, is magnificent as a working mother transforming her and others’ lives.

Charles Slater


22nd March

The Lobster
UK   2015 118 mins
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
 Jacqueline Abrahams, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Jessica Barden
Written and directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos, The Lobster is a wonderfully unique film about a near dystopian future. Set in a place where single people are taken to The Hotel to find a romantic partner within 45 days, otherwise they are transformed into beasts and banished to the woods. This is an extremely quirky British film and at the heart of it Lanthimos brings the comedy genius out of Colin Farrell like never before. The Lobster will intrigue you, baffle you and leave you with a sweet taste of dystopian bemusement at the back of your throat.

Simon Goodman


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